End of Lease Pest Control: Everything You Ought to Know

An end of lease pest control treatment is an important consideration for both real estate tenants and landlords. In this article, we’ll explain:

  • why it’s important for tenants.
  • why it’s important for landlords.
  • when you should get it done.
  • common household pests that can be controlled with either targeted or general pest control treatments.
  • how you can prepare for an end of lease pest control treatment.
  • what to look for in a pest control service.

Why end of lease pest control is important for tenants

If you’re renting where you live and you’re coming to the end of your lease, you may need to arrange a pest control treatment. This could be one of the terms of your tenancy agreement with your property owner.

It’s important to check your rental property lease agreement to see if pest control is a tenant or landlord responsibility. 

If it’s a tenant responsibility and you don’t get it done, you run the risk of losing some or all of your rental bond, depending on the extent of the pest problem you leave behind. You could also find yourself having a costly rental tribunal dispute with your landlord.

An end of lease flea treatment can be especially important if you’ve had dogs or cats. Many tenancy agreements will contain a lease flea requirement for pest control treatment to make sure that your pets don’t leave any fleas (or flea eggs) behind. 

You don’t need to just get rid of the fleas themselves. You also need to get rid of flea eggs that can otherwise lay dormant for months before hatching.

Why end of lease pest control is important for landlords

An end of lease pest control treatment will:

  • make your property safe to rent to your next tenant. Under New South Wales Fair Trading legislation, it is a health and safety requirement for landlords to provide a reasonably clean property that is fit for a tenant to rent at the start of their tenancy. This includes ensuring that the property is free of pests and vermin because they carry diseases. 
  • make your property more marketable. If your potential future tenants can see any evidence of pest activity during their property inspection, they’ll be unlikely to want to move in until the problem is fixed!
  • protect your property from the major structural damage that can be caused by termites.

When should you get an end of lease pest control treatment done?

The best time to arrange it is AFTER the property has had its end of lease clean. If you’re a tenant and it’s your responsibility, your pest control treatment should be the last thing that’s done before you move out. 

Once you’ve moved out, your landlord will get a condition report. Any pest control issues are likely to show up in this report.

If you’re a landlord and pest control is your responsibility, you can arrange the treatment after the final clean has been done and after your tenants have moved out.

What common household pests can be controlled by effective treatment?

  • Fleas
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders

Different types of pests require targeted treatments – Some landlords will ask for pet fumigation if you’ve had dogs or cats. If you have a specific pest problem, you should arrange for a specific treatment.

If you don’t have a specific problem, you can arrange to have a general pest control treatment to protect the property against common household pests.

How can you prepare for an end of lease pest control treatment?

Ideally, your property should be vacant or have minimal large furniture or stored goods on site. You’ll need to provide access to the property on the day. 

What should I look for in a pest control service?

Make sure that the pest control service you choose:

  • is accredited, licensed and has experienced staff.
  • uses safe and environmentally-friendly treatments.
  • will provide you with a written Certificate of Pest Treatment for you to issue to the real estate agent. 

How we can help

Arranging end of lease pest control treatments is one of our specialist services at Forensic Pest Management. We have been helping Sydney tenants and landlords since 2002.

We’ll take the time to listen to your needs or problems before recommending the most appropriate and cost-effective pest control treatment. All of our pest control treatments:

  • are done by our team of accredited, licensed and experienced technicians.
  • are done using safe and environmentally-friendly pesticides, insecticides and methods.
  • come with a certificate of pest treatment. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, this treatment and documentation will ensure that you meet your legal obligations.

Contact us today for an over-the-phone, no-obligation cost for your end of lease pest control treatment!

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