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Keeping on top of termites is considered a vital part of ongoing maintenance for your home or business. An investment in termite prevention can save you from unnecessary reconstruction bills should you realise later that you have termites damaging your property.

Do you need Termite protection installed to your new home or business to obtain your Certificate of Occupancy? Or would you simply like the peace of mind knowing that you have Termite protection?

Forensic Pest Management Services has highly skilled technicians trained and licensed specifically for Termites (white ants). Having a wealth of experience in termites, our team can offer you the latest information in relation to termite control and prevention, termite products and also the best termite treatment methods to keep your home or business protected.

Our commitment to our customers ensures that we will provide you with a treatment plan customised to your home or business. Our treatments we will cause minimal disruption to your household or business and you can rest assure that we will adhere to the Australian Standards when installing your termite treatment.

Health, Safety & Our Environment.

There is nothing more important at Forensic Pest Management than the Health and Safety of our Staff, Clients and our family and friends. Our certifications in OHS Management 4801, Environmental Management ISO14001, Quality Management ISO9001 and Food Safety HACCP demonstrates our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment that we share.

About termites and white ants

Termites, often mistaken for white ants due to their similar appearance, are among the most formidable pests affecting homes and businesses across Australia. Their ability to silently damage structures makes them a significant concern for property owners.

Termites are social insects living in large colonies consisting of millions of individuals. These colonies are structured into different castes, each with specific roles — workers, soldiers and reproductive termites, including the queen and king. 

The worker termites, which are the most numerous, are those responsible for causing damage to properties. They feed on cellulose-based materials, primarily wood, which means any structure containing wood components is at risk.

One of termites’ most intriguing yet concerning behaviours is their ability to remain undetected for long periods. They can silently eat away at the structure of a building, causing significant damage before their presence is even noticed. This stealthy nature is why regular inspections and effective termite control measures are crucial.

White ants, a common misnomer for termites, do not exist. This confusion arises due to the termite’s ant-like appearance. However, termites are a different species entirely, with distinct behavioural traits and control methods required to manage them effectively.

How Can You Protect Your Sydney Home Or Business Against Termites?

Control methods for termites can essentially be divided into two groups: Pre Construction and Post Construction. Pre Construction measures are applied during the construction of new buildings and Post Construction measures are applied to pre existing buildings.

Pre Construction Termite Control

Implementing termite control measures for new constructions is a proactive step towards long-term property protection. Understanding the various pre-construction strategies can significantly reduce the risk of termite infestations.

Pipe Penetration Collars

Pipe penetration collars are installed to the pipes of buildings built on concrete slabs.

These collars are a physical barrier stopping termites from entering the building through the small gaps found around pipes once the concrete has set. Pipe collars are available in various sizes 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm or 100mm. These pipe penetration collars comply with the Australian Standards AS 3660.1-2014

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Termseal Ura-Fen Shield Under slab barrier and Ura-Fen Shield Perimeter Wall Cavity Barrier

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Shield is a physical barrier made up of a flexible tri-layer sheet. A top and bottom untreated polyolefin cover sheet with an active matrix sheet of open cell polyurethane foam that contains 2gm/kg Bifenthrin as the active ingredient and provides long term repellent properties and protection against termites. Ura-Fen Shield is installed during the construction phase and is designed mainly for concrete slab constructed buildings. Term-seal ura-fen is installed under concrete slabs, across wall cavities, construction joints, and pipe penetrations or as an ant capping. Termseal Ura-fen Shield complies with the Australian Standards AS 3660.1-2014

Termseal Multipurpose Active Coating

Termseal Multi-Purpose Active is a combined termite and water proofing paint on membrane. This product is a highly engineered acrylic polymer which forms a seamless, flexible, termite resistant and waterproof membrane. Applications include back filled walls, internal walls, slab edges, construction joints and more. Termseal Multipurpose Active Coating complies with the Australian Standards 3660.1-2014

Pre Construction Termite Chemical Barrier

A pre construction termite chemical barrier also referred to as a soil spray consists of a two stage process. The first stage is the application of a Termiticide to the soil of where the proposed concrete slab is going to be poured. At this time all pipe penetrations are also protected prior to the moisture membrane and steelwork being installed. The second stage is the application of a Termiticide to the perimeter of the structure before any driveways, paths and landscaping is completed. A pre construction termite chemical barrier complies with the Australian Standards 3660.1-2014

Termite Reticulation System

A termite reticulation system is a scientifically designed irrigation pipe system which is designed mainly to be installed around the external perimeter of a concrete slab constructed building. Once installed the pipe is then pumped with a Termiticide that is released through the dripper holes along the pipe creating a chemical barrier. This system is suited for both pre construction and post construction termite control. This system should be replenished with a Termicide every at least every 3-5 years through the filling points installed. A termite reticulation system complies with the Australian Standards 3660.1-2014

Post Construction Termite Control

Protecting existing structures from termites requires a different set of strategies. Post-construction termite control focuses on detection, elimination and prevention to safeguard your property.

Post Construction Termite Chemical Barrier

This a treatment that is carried out to protect existing buildings or when termites have infested a building which is referred to as a post construction termite chemical barrier. Termicide is applied by creating a trench along all the buildings footings and by drilling through concrete paths that may abut the building. Termiticide is then applied to all the footings to create a continuous chemical barrier. A post construction termite chemical barrier complies with the Australian Standards AS 3660.2-2000.

Termite Bait / Monitoring Stations

A termite bait station system is a non-chemical barrier option in the protection of termites to a building. The system is installed by digging bait stations into the soil or boring into concrete paths that may abut the building. Bait stations need to be installed at least every 2 to 3 metres around the exterior of the building. These bait stations are filled with a food source containing cellulose which will attract any termites within close proximity to the bait station. This is the monitoring phase of the termite bait stations. Once the termites become active in the bait station a bait matrix is then added into the bait station. Termites will feed off the bait matrix until the colony is eliminated. These bait stations should be regularly inspected at least every 1-2 months by a professional. Once it is determined that a colony has been eliminated, the bait should be removed and the food source replaced. By doing this, the bait stations will act as a monitoring device for any future termite activity.

Termite Reticulation System

A termite reticulation system is a scientifically designed irrigation pipe system which is designed mainly to be installed around the external perimeter of a concrete slab constructed building. Once installed the pipe is then pumped with a Termiticide that is released through the dripper holes along the pipe creating a chemical barrier. This system is suited for both pre construction and post construction termite control. This system should be replenished with a Termicide every at least every 3-5 years though the filling points installed. A termite reticulation system complies with the Australian Standards 3660.1-2014

The fight against termites requires a comprehensive understanding and application of various control strategies. Whether it’s through pre- or post-construction methods, advanced technologies or regular maintenance, effective termite control is essential for safeguarding your property in Sydney. 

At Forensic Pest Management Services, we are committed to providing top-tier termite and white ant control solutions, ensuring your peace of mind and the safety of your property. For assistance with termite and white ant control, contact our expert team today.


  • What are the main features of Forensic Pest Management's pre-construction termite control, including pipe penetration collars and Ura-Fen Shield, and how do they protect new buildings from termites?

    Forensic Pest Management offers comprehensive pre-construction termite control solutions to safeguard new buildings from termite (and white ants) infestation. The main features include:

    Pipe penetration collars — These are essential for buildings constructed on concrete slabs. They provide a physical barrier, preventing termites from accessing the building through gaps around pipes. These collars are available in various sizes and are installed where pipes penetrate the slab. 

    Ura-Fen Shield — This is a tri-layer physical barrier system used mainly in concrete slab construction. It comprises untreated polyolefin sheets with an active matrix sheet of polyurethane foam containing Bifenthrin. This setup provides long-term repellent properties, effectively deterring termites. It is versatile and applicable under slabs, across wall cavities and around pipe penetrations. 

    These pre-construction termite control methods are vital in ensuring a strong first line of defence against termites in new constructions, integral to termite and white ant control strategies.

  • Can you briefly explain how termite reticulation systems work for both pre- and post-construction, and how often they need to be replenished with Termiticide?

    Termite reticulation systems are an innovative approach to termite and white ants control, suitable for both pre- and post-construction phases:

    Functionality — The system involves a specially designed irrigation pipe system installed around the external perimeter of a building. Once in place, the pipe is filled with Termiticide, which then seeps out through dripper holes, creating a chemical barrier against termites.

    Replenishment — For effective termite control, it’s crucial to replenish the system with Termiticide at least every 3–4 years. This ensures the barrier remains intact and effective at deterring termite infestations.

    This method provides an efficient and long-lasting solution to termite control, effectively reducing the risk of termite damage in both new and existing buildings.

  • How does Forensic Pest Management's post-construction termite chemical barrier create a continuous protective barrier around existing buildings, and what sets it apart from other methods?

    The post-construction termite chemical barrier is a key method for termite and white ant control for existing buildings. This method involves:

    Creating a continuous barrier — The process starts with trenching around the building’s footings and drilling through concrete paths adjoining the structure. Termiticide is then applied to these trenches, forming a continuous chemical barrier around the building.

    Distinctive features — What sets this method apart is its thoroughness in creating a barrier that completely encircles the building, providing comprehensive protection against termites. This barrier is particularly effective in post-construction scenarios where other physical barriers may not be feasible.

    Forensic Pest Management’s approach ensures that existing buildings are well-protected against termite invasions, offering a reliable solution in termite and white ants control for homeowners and business owners alike.

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