Bird Proofing Solar Panels

All birds seek shelter from the sun, rain, and predators. They want to find a safe place where they can build their nest and raise their young without any risk or interruptions. Unfortunately, pigeons tend to choose man-made installations as a safe haven such as underneath Solar panels. The space under solar panels is almost ideal for nesting so it’s not surprising that pigeons and other pest birds are attracted to it.

Here at Forensic Pest Management, we can help you avoid the problem of pigeons nesting under solar panels by installing our Bird proofing mesh that has been proven to be very effective in both commercial and residential settings.

Why do Pigeons nesting under Solar Panels pose a problem?

Here are some of the common problems humans face when pigeons start nesting under their solar panels:

  • Pigeons are known carries of disease and lice along with their droppings which contain more than 60 pathogens and diseases such as E.Coli and Salmonella all of which pose serious health risks to us humans. Once their droppings become dry they become dust like and airborne meaning we as humans are breathing these pathogens into our airways which can make us dangerously sick.
  • Pigeons are very noisy, especially their young ones. People living and sleeping in rooms directly under the roof find the sounds of pigeons day and night very irritating and non forgiving.
  • Pigeons defecate in and around their nests which causes staining and damage to the roof itself.
  • The overall build-up of their faeces can damage expensive solar panels because bird faeces are very corrosive. They can also build up on the solar panels and compromise their efficiency.
  • Nesting materials and bird faeces accumulating under the Solar Panels blocks the overall free flow of water to be able to run down into your gutters. Gutters also become blocked and damaged causing in house water leaks.
  • Birds, Bird faeces and their nests also attract other pests such as cockroaches and rodents.

What does our Solar Panel Bird Proofing System Offer:

  1. 100% protection Guaranteed from not only Pigeons but all bird species.
  2. Prior to the installation of your Solar Panel bird proofing all accessible birds and nesting materials are removed.
  3. A bacterial agent specifically for bird Faeces can be applied to rid the harmful bacteria left from the toxic bird Faeces.
  4. Inspection of the roof is carried out to ensure there are no birds nesting within the roof cavity.
  5. A heavy duty mesh is custom made to fit your solar panels. Our Mesh is used to ensure adequate ventilation for the Solar Panels as well as providing an overall durable product. The mesh also offers a very low visual impact to your roof and solar panel system when viewed from the ground up.
  6. Our system does not void your Solar Panel warranty or damage your Solar Panels as we do not drill, screw or glue any of our products to your solar panels.
  7. The mesh is attached to your solar panels using our clip locking system.
  8. Any future maintenance or repairs to your solar panel system has been considered. Our Solar panel bird proofing system can be easily removed and reinstalled to allow access in the future.
  9. We are so confident in our workmanship that we will offer you a 5-year Guarantee.

Birds nest under solar panel

Birds nest under solar panel

Solar panels before bird proofing is installed

Solar panels before bird proofing is installed

After protecting solar panels from birds

Solar panels after bird proofing is installed

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