Commercial Pest Control Sydney

Pest infestations can have a negative impact on your business. It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, small or large, we have a team of highly skilled Technicians and provide tailored integrated pest management solutions that will help keep your business environment pest-free.

We Work With The Following Industries

1. Office & Retail

Office pest infestations are more common than you might think. Generally we’re on the lookout for rats, mice, cockroaches, spiders and termites.

Apart from your employees, your office building is also frequented by customers, clients and site visitors. Current and potential investors also pop into your office every once in a while, so it’s essential to make sure your space is clean, orderly and free of pests. 

No matter how excellent your service is, people may freak out if they see cockroaches crawling on your walls. They will leave with a bad impression of your business, which may harm your reputation.

We provide excellent office pest control services that eliminate bugs, rodents and other insects in your corporate building. From workstations to conference rooms, we can help you protect your business from ill repute and maintain a healthy working space for your employees.

2. Property Management & Accommodation Services

Accommodation providers have pretty strict health and safety regulations. We can help control rats, mice, bedbugs, cockroaches, birds, fleas, spiders and termites.

Bed bugs, cockroaches and rats are a definite deal breaker for house vacation rentals. Even if your property has fantastic amenities like jacuzzi hot tubs or entertainment centres, your guests will leave in an instant if they spot tiny creatures crawling on the bed.

If your small vacation rental or bed and breakfast inn is facing an infestation, our team at Forensic Pest Control can help you keep those five-star reviews. We have seasoned exterminators who can quickly and effectively solve your problem and help you adhere to strict property management health codes.

3. Food Service Groups – Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

When it comes to food services and pest control, there’s obviously minimal room for risk. Our team can exterminate rats, mice, cockroaches, birds, spiders and termites.

No one will want to eat at a restaurant where mice are running free. Not only will it disrupt your service and customers, but it can also lead to your food establishment being temporarily shut down. Let us help you prevent that from happening before it’s too late. 

By trusting our company, you can expect a fail-proof pest extermination service that other restaurants, pubs and bars in Sydney recommend. We will hunt down all rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants and others from your kitchen, bar lounge and dining area. 

Our office pest control team can ensure that no pests are found in your establishment so your customers can enjoy their meals and have a great overall experience. Rest assured that Forensic Pest Control can help you keep up with regular food and safety checkups.

4. Warehouse and Logistics

Warehouse pest management is a frustrating (but necessary) expense. Leaving birds, rats, mice, spiders, cockroaches or termites untreated in the end will cost you a large cheque.

Pests love to hang out in unfrequented places like storage rooms and warehouses. Since businesses keep their goods in these areas, it’s crucial to prevent rodents and insects from making these spaces their home. 

Forensic Pest Control can save your inventory from damage by various infestations. No matter the size of your warehouse, we can effectively exterminate bugs, termites, rats or any pest on site.

5. Health and Aged Care Facilities

We have extensive experience managing pests in hospitals and aged care facilities. The most common pests found here are spiders, cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, birds, rats and mice.

Sick and elderly people have weak immune systems, and the presence of pests may impact their health status. Aside from residential and commercial establishments, we offer our professional pest control services to health and aged care facilities. Our team can help you provide a clean facility for patients under your care so they can heal and receive proper treatment without worrying about cockroaches flying about or bed bugs under their pillows. 

6. Railway Stations

Railway stations are often heritage or older style buildings, exposed to the elements. This environment is just what pests love such as rats, mice, birds, cockroaches, spiders and termites.

Forensic Pest Control can exterminate those pests and maintain rodent-free railway stations, making them safe and desirable for commuters and tourists. Our exemplary service can also help preserve heritage sites from being worn down by pest infestations.

Ultimately which pests you have or what pests you are concerned about will determine our approach. Our friendly staff are always on hand to offer you friendly advice over the phone and perhaps a price for a treatment but for some industries and some pests such as termites and birds we will need to carry out a site inspection.  

Our Clients

Over the last 17 years, we’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest commercial operators. Our clients include Sydney Trains, Bunnings, Fujitsu, Supagas, Breville and the NSW Government.

Forensic Pest Management Clients

What You Can Expect

  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Each and every commercial pest control client is provided with a dedicated Account Manager. You get one point of contact – not several.

  • Tailored Help
  • There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to commercial pest management. We will tailor a cost-effective integrated pest management solution to suit your business.

  • Fully Licensed
  • Our expert technicians are fully accredited and licenced by the relevant state authorities.

  • Safety First
  • All of our pest control products and treatment methods are chosen to protect your staff, your clients and the environment.

  • Discreet with Minimal Disruption
  • We understand pest control can be a sensitive topic. Our pest management procedures are carried out as discreetly as possible whilst ensuring minimal disruption to you and your business.

  • Online Reporting
  • Get 24/7 digital access to Safety Data Sheets, licences, Insurances, Site Maps and service reports. Our online reporting system also tracks our servicing and provides you with any signs of activity, our recommendations and pest trend analyses. It’s pest control at your fingertips.

Accreditations & Memberships

We are proud to be fully accredited and to also hold memberships with our governing bodies. This ensures that we as a business and also our technicians remain current and up to date with the latest standards and procedures that the pest control industry has to offer. You need to know you’re working with technicians who are trained, licenced and vetted appropriately. Forensic Pest Management is committed to providing you with the highest standards of pest management, health and safety. We are members of the AEPMA and licenced by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority.  

Health, Safety & Our Environment

There is nothing more important at Forensic Pest Management than the Health and Safety of our Staff, Clients and our family and friends. Our certifications in OHS Management 4801, Environmental Management ISO14001, Quality Management ISO9001 and Food Safety HACCP demonstrates our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment that we share. Taking a holistic approach to Pest Control we do not solely rely on chemicals to remove or prevent pests from entering into your business and when a chemical application is required we only use eco-friendly non-toxic products.

  ISO OHS Accreditation  

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Why do I need a Pest Control solution for my Business?

Having a Pest Management Program in place ensures you have a pest-free environment for all your staff, stock and clients. Pests also carry diseases which they can spread to humans. Pests also contaminate and damage stored goods. Having a Pest Management Program in place also ensures you remain compliant with your Local Council, NSW Food Authorities and other Governing Agencies.

What types of pests can you control in commercial spaces?

Our commercial office pest control services address a wide range of pest infestations, including rodents, insects and termites. We use an integrated approach to safeguard your retail space and help you promote a clean and hygienic environment that aligns with industry standards.

How do I know if my business needs pest control?

Ensuring a pest-free environment is crucial for business reputation and hygiene. Signs you may need our help include animal droppings, gnaw marks or unusual odours. Proactive pest control safeguards your premises, preventing damage to inventory and maintaining a pristine reputation. 

Early detection is crucial to prevent the problem from escalating. Forensic Pest Control can help you uphold your business standards and protect against potential health risks and financial losses.

Which industries do you work with for pest control services?

Forensic Pest Control works with hospitality, retail, food, health industries and more. We specialise in tailored solutions for each business, ensuring the elimination of common nuisances such as rats, cockroaches and spiders. Trust us for effective office pest control management strategies tailored to your specific business needs.

How often should commercial pest control in Sydney be conducted?

Office pest control in Sydney should be conducted on a routine basis, typically per quarter. Regular inspections and treatments ensure the sustained protection of your premises against pests. 

Forensic Pest Control takes pride in our proactive approach that prevents potential infestations from occurring. We can help your business maintain a clean, pest-free environment for your clientele and employees.

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Forensic are effective and great to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending their services!

Nick Laforest

Excellent service, used them since 2013. Never had a problem with bugs.

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Best in the business. Very friendly and professional and They know their stuff. The process from start to end was excellent. I have dealt with them in the past 3 years and each time they have done and an amazing job.

Mohammad Anwar

Great efficient and effective service that is every time. Very comforted to know there is a service that delivers at affordable prices. A special shout out to Mitch the face of forensic pest control ,works so diligently and promptly.  Thank you. Your Request is in Safe Hands! Mich.

Abla Savva

Amazing job by Justin today….so professional and thorough. He left no stone unturned in the aim to find the source of our unwelcome visitors!! Within a few minutes and he had identified the source, and continued to thoroughly treat the entire surrounding areas to ensure there were no other areas of concern. We’re very pleased with the service today. A big thank you to Justin for taking the time and care in your work. Much appreciated! Also thanks Janelle….we will definitely continue to use Forensic Pest Control services in the future.

Ciara Lorriman

What a great service this guys offer! Called in a panic as I had termites, invading my house with a child who is very allergic they were here within an hour gave me necessary advice over the phone while on the way and kept me calm! They came and resolved the problem efficiently. They have fantastic technician and wonderful caring people on the phones!

Daniel Allwood

I was looking for a solution to evict the dozen pigeons roosting under my solar panels, they were making a constant mess including building a massive nest. I came across Forensic Pest control via their website and found dealing with the team a real pleasure, the team was punctual and efficient. Right from the start dealing with Janelle kept me up to date and then to Chris and the team, they are really professional and take their business seriously. Highly recommended.

John Vaccaro

Forensic Pest Control always do a fantastic job. We have been using them for years and wouldn't want to use anyone else.

Susan Baxter