Rodent Pest Control (Rats and Mice)

Rats and Mice are two of the common pests that home or business owners have to deal with. At a glance, rats and mice look similar, but they differ in size. Rats are larger and have thick, hairless and scaly tails, while mice have slender bodies with thin, long, hairy tails.

They are social animals living in groups and are very well adapted to living in close proximity to us humans sharing our food and shelter. Making the situation even worse, they are prolific breeders, capable of producing a litter of babies almost every month.

As rodents travel over food benches, flooring and shelving they produce a stream of urine which marks their trails. They also produce between 40 and 100 droppings per day.

Considering these facts it can be understood how a small rodent infestation can become a serious problem for the home or business owner.

Besides their sizes, rats and mice have different behaviours, such as nesting and chattering habits. Knowing which infestation you’re dealing with can help professionals tailor an effective strategy for pest control for rodents before they continue to breed and cause health risks or damage your property. Here’s a quick guide that will help you tell rats and mice apart:

• Droppings

Rats produce about 40 droppings per day, with each drop approximately 10–20 mm long. On the other hand, mice leave behind 80 droppings per day, with each drop featuring a pointy end and ranging from 1–2 mm in length. These droppings may double or triple in amount, depending on the severity of the infestation.

• Gnaw Marks 

Both rodents like to gnaw on objects like plastic, wood, electrical wiring and more. You can tell the difference between a rat and a mouse chewing through the gnaw marks. Rats leave more prominent gnaw marks, while mice are smaller and less conspicuous. 

• Noise

Rats and mice are nocturnal creatures, and you’ll definitely hear them at night if you’re dealing with a rodent infestation in your area. If you frequently hear scattered hissing or chittering sounds at night, then those are probably rats communicating with each other. 

On the contrary, mice make high-pitched squeaking noises, and their claws scratching or gripping surfaces can be loud enough to wake you from sleep.

• Nests

Some rats build their nests high up in attics, while others burrow underground or along fences. Whichever the case, rats will build their nests near someplace warm using shredded paper, cardboard, other man-made debris, twigs and grass.

Mice prefer to gather softer materials for their nests. These items are usually pieces of torn fabric, mattress or pillow stuffings and insulation. Additionally, mice love to nest near food sources, making them easier to locate. 

• Behaviour 

Rats are highly cautious and rarely leave their nest to explore a new area or snoop around new objects. They are creatures of habit and would likely travel in the same path to collect food and return to their nests. However, because of their wary nature, they don’t easily fall for traps, making them tougher to catch.

In contrast, mice are curious creatures that love to go around and investigate new objects, mostly food packets lying around your property. This, in return, makes it easier for them to bait using various mouse traps. 

Regardless of whether it’s rats or mice that are wreaking havoc in your home or commercial establishment, it’s essential to seek the help of Forensic Pest Management, specialising in pest control for rodents, rather than attempting to handle the infestation yourself. 

Rodents can be aggressive and carry diseases. Hunting them down without proper training or the use of professional equipment might worsen the infestation and pose more significant health risks to you, your family or workers.

Here at Forensic Pest Management Services our Technicians are extensively trained in Rodent Control understanding the biology and habits of rats and mice and the chemical and non-chemical control methods for eradicating rodents. We are very well known for our expertise and our reputation itself demonstrates that we do provide exceptional rodent control services.

The Dangers with Rodents

Rats and Mice contaminate food and increase spoilage, cause physical damage to electrical wiring, and transmit diseases to humans.

Diseases such as the Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, and Leptospirosis can be spread to us humans directly through contact with rodent faeces, urine, or saliva, and through rodent bites. They can also be spread to us indirectly through fleas, ticks or mites.

Determining How Many Rodents You Have

Generally speaking, if you have seen evidence of rodents i.e. their faeces but you have not seen any rodents the population can be anywhere from 1 -100.

If you have seen rodents in the day and again at night, this is a strong indication that you have a population of anywhere between 100 up to 5000.

Our Procedures for the Home Owner.

As part of our Pest Control Services for your home, we will:

  • Listen to you as our customer to find out what you are concerned about or dealing with.
  • Provide you with a cost effective treatment.
  • Provide you with highly skilled Accredited and Licensed Technicians.
  • Ensure that of all of our Products and Treatment methods carried out are safe to you, your family and the environment.

Our Procedures for the Business Owner.

  • We will provide you with a dedicated Account Manager
  • Tailor a cost-effective Rodent Management Program specifically for your business
  • Provide you with Highly skilled Accredited and Licensed Technicians
  • Ensure that all of our Products and Treatment methods carried out are safe to protect you and your environment.
  • Carry out our service as discreetly as possible and with minimal disruption to your business.
  • Provide you access to our online reporting system. Here you will have 24/7 digital access to SDS, Licenses, Insurances, Site Maps and Service Reports. Our online reporting system also tracks our servicing and provides you with any signs of activity, our recommendations and pest trend analyses.

Health, Safety & Our Environment

There is nothing more important at Forensic Pest Management than the Health and Safety of our Staff, Clients and our family and friends. Our certifications in OHS Management 4801, Environmental Management ISO14001, Quality Management ISO9001 and Food Safety HACCP demonstrates our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment that we share. Taking a holistic approach to Pest Control we do not solely rely on chemicals to remove or prevent pests from entering into your home and when a chemical application is required we only use eco-friendly non-toxic products.

Whether you are a business owner or homeowner if you suspect you have rats or mice Get Your Free Pest Assessment Now! today and one of our friendly Technicians will come to site to carry out a professional inspection.

Trust Forensic Pest Management Services for all your pest control needs

Whether you’re dealing with rats or mice, there’s no better team to handle your pest control for rodents than Forensic Pest Management Services. For more than 20 years, we have stood our ground as the highest-rated pest control company in Sydney, bringing our expertise to homes and businesses across the country. 

Aside from rodents, you can also count on our technicians to eliminate all sorts of pests like cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes and even birds swarming your living spaces or working areas. Get in touch with us today to request a free quote!



  • Why are rats and mice considered common pests for homeowners and businesses?

    Due to their destructive nature, rats and mice are considered common pests for homeowners and businesses. Their droppings, urine, bites and scratches can cause serious health concerns, including leptospirosis, hantavirus and more, making rodents one of the most prominent transmitters of diseases to humans.

    Forensic Pest Management Services offers comprehensive pest control for rodents in residential and commercial buildings. Whether you’re dealing with rats or mice, we can quickly and effectively solve your problem and help you regain control of your property. Get Your Free Pest Assessment Now! today for a complimentary service quote.

  • How can individuals determine the severity of a rodent infestation and its potential risks?

    There are plenty of ways individuals can determine the severity of a rodent infestation and its potential risks to their home or working environment. The first sign of a severe rodent infestation is an increase in droppings since this likely signifies that the rats or mice in your area have grown in population.

    Other signs that it’s time to call the help of a professional exterminator who offers efficient pest control for rodents are gnaw marks on food packaging, frayed electrical cords and shredded scrap materials or pillow stuffing.

    At Forensic Pest Management Services, we can help you eliminate potential health risks and damage to property caused by rats or mice with our extensive pest control for rodents service. Whether it’s a mild or severe rodent infestation, we’ll be happy to solve your pest problem once and for all. Call us today on 1300 360 457 to get started. 

  • What procedures and services does Forensic Pest Management Services offer for both homeowners and business owners in rodent control?

    Forensic Pest Management Services offers thorough inspections of both residential and commercial properties. We will assess the severity of the infestation, locate the rodents’ entry points, and lay out a pest control plan tailored to your specific situation. 

    For homeowners, we’ll advise you on the best ways to maintain rodent-free living spaces and provide top tips for preventing future infestations. For business owners, we can perform discreet pest control for rodent extermination in your commercial establishment and help you comply with strict property management and health codes.

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