Residential Pest Control Sydney

We understand that your home is where your heart is. You definitely don’t want to think of your home as the place where pests live too!

Pests such as cockroaches, rats and mice carry diseases such as bacteria, viruses (especially salmonella and streptococcus) and even worms which can cause serious health issues for you or your loved ones.

Keeping your home pest-free is something our highly skilled technicians pride themselves on. We carry out building and pest inspections throughout Sydney.

You should have a property inspection and general pest treatment carried out at least every 6 – 12 months to ensure a pest-free environment for you and your family.

So You Think You Have A Pest Problem?

If you live in Sydney and you think you have any of the following common household pests in or around your home, call us to discuss your problem. We’ll give you the option of either a targeted or general pest control treatment.


Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures. They rest during the day in cracks and crevices before coming out at night. If you’re seeing any cockroaches in your home during the day or before you go turn off the lights at night, there’s likely to be plenty more lurking and running around after dark!

We’ll talk to you about what you’re seeing and give you an obligation-free quote over the phone.

Rats and Mice

Are you hearing or seeing physical evidence of rats and mice?

Rats and mice are not only highly infectious creatures, they are also prolific breeders. Eradicating them is crucial before they contaminate your food, spread disease and damage your electrical wiring.

We’ll talk to you about what you’re hearing or seeing and give you an obligation-free quote over the phone.


Australia has more than 2,400 different species of spiders, and about 50 that are harmful to humans.

If you’re not sure what spiders you’re seeing or you’re unsure of how big of a problem you really have, then we’ll talk to you about what you’re seeing and give you an obligation-free quote over the phone.


Ants love to live in communities, so if you’re seeing some ants in and around your home, rest assured there are plenty more nearby.

We’ll talk to you about what you’re seeing and give you an obligation-free quote over the phone.

Bed Bugs

Often the first sign of bed bugs is spots of blood on your sheets where these pests have pierced your skin to enjoy a meal. Alternatively, you may notice evidence of bed bug droppings.

Bed bugs bite and they are also prolific breeders. An adult female bed bug can lay between 200 and 500 eggs a year. Bed bugs are nocturnal and spend their days hiding in cracks and crevices in and around your bed before coming out at night.

We’ll talk to you about what you’re seeing and give you an obligation-free quote over the phone.

And what about the pests you might not see, hear or feel?


Termites are perhaps the most damaging of all pests and the hardest to identify.

You may have seen flying termites which are often the first sign of a larger termite infestation in your home. Or you might have seen spare pieces of timber around your house along with termite tunnels or galleries.

Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home’s foundations. It’s crucial to prevent termite infestation or to eradicate them as soon as possible if you’ve already been infested. They are prolific breeders and they can damage your home very quickly.

We’ll talk to you about what you’ve found (or what you may not be seeing) and give you an obligation-free quote over the phone.

What To Expect From Us

Our professional home pest control service has 3 steps.

Step 1: An over-the-phone, no-obligation quote

We’ll take the time to listen to your needs or problem before recommending the most appropriate and cost-effective pest control treatment.

Step 2: Pest control treatment

We’ll treat any existing pests in and around your home as well as identifying any potential breeding sites.

All of our pest control treatments are done:

  • by our team of accredited, licensed and highly skilled technicians.
  • using pesticides, insecticides and methods that are safe to you, your family and the environment.

Step 3: Warranty and follow-up advice

In addition to our high quality pest control treatment, you will receive:

  • a written warranty to guarantee the effectiveness of your treatment.
  • follow-up advice to help you keep your home pest-free.

We Care About Your Family And Our Environment

There is nothing more important to us than the health and safety of your family and our environment when we’re providing home pest control treatment.

We don’t rely solely on chemicals to remove or prevent pests from entering your home. When a chemical application is required, we only use certified eco-friendly, non-toxic pest control products.

Our team is also certified in Occupational Health and Safety Management (AS4801), Quality Management (ISO9001), and Environmental Management (ISO14001).

You can rest assured we get our pest control jobs done safely.

Why Forensic Pest Management?

  • We’ll listen to you as our customer to find out what pests you’re concerned about or dealing with.
  • Our highly skilled, accredited and licensed technicians will provide you with a cost-effective pest control treatment to address your specific needs.
  • All of our products and treatment methods are safe for you, your family and the environment.
  • We guarantee our services with written warranties.
  • We have over 20 years of pest control treatment experience in Sydney residential homes.
  • We are members of the AEPMA (Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association) and licensed by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority.



  • What pests are covered with a General Pest Treatment?

    Common Cockroaches, Ants, Webbing Spiders including Redback Spiders, Wasps, Rats, Mice and Silverfish.

  • Do you offer any type of warranty for your services?

    Yes we offer a service free period so if any of the pests covered in your treatment come back in this time, so do we.

  • How long does this service take?

    Depending on the size of your home generally between 1-2 hours.

  • What areas of the home are treated with General Pest Control Treatments?
    Exterior of the home

    All entries, gutters, downpipes, Eaves, Window Frames, Doors, Vents, balconies, verandas / patios & Garages are treated using an insecticidal liquid.

    External Yards

    Cubby Houses, sheds, clotheslines, footpaths and fence lines are also treated using an insecticidal liquid.

    Interior of the home

    A perimeter edge spray is applied to all accessible skirting boards & your cornices are spot treated throughout every room. Cockroach gel bait is applied to cupboards throughout the kitchen and bathroom areas. A crack and crevice treatment using an aerosol or insecticidal dust may also be used as required.

    Sub Floor, Roof Void and Wall Cavities

    We treat these areas using an insecticidal dust and insecticidal liquid. We also apply rodent baits to the roof cavities. These areas are harbourage areas for cockroaches, spiders, ants, mice and rats. Very important areas to include as part of your Pest Treatment.

  • Do I need to leave the house?

    In most cases you do not need to leave, however we advise our clients to at least vacate the premises until the control agent dries normally between 1-2 hours.

  • Do I have to empty the kitchen cupboards out?

    No, it is not necessary to empty out your kitchen cupboards. If you have German Cockroaches which is not included in a General Pest Treatment then we do recommend that you empty your cupboards.

  • What about my children, pets or plants?

    Children and animals must be kept away from the treated areas until the control agent dries (at least 1-2 hours). Once we arrive at your property we will perform a risk assessment to ensure that your family, environment, pets and plants are kept safe prior to any works being carried out.

  • What do I have to do before you arrive?

    We recommend that all food products be stored away, clothes be taken off the clothes line, any shoes or toys be stored away prior to the treatment. If possible any furniture should also be moved away from the skirting board edges prior to the treatment being carried out. Ensure all windows are closed and cars are parked outside of the garage.

  • What type of Products do you use?

    We only use premium pest control products ensuring that all of our products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

  • Are you licenced and Insured?

    Yes, we are fully licenced and Insured and are more than happy to provide proof of this prior to any works being carried out.

  • What should I expect to pay for a General Pest Treatment?

    This depends on the type of home ie a Unit, Townhouse or house and also the size of your home ie Single storey or Double storey.

  • Is pest control required for new homes?

    Yes as during construction and landscaping the ground is disturbed. This in turn disturbs pests and their environment. Having a treatment carried out will also prevent pests from coming into your new home.

  • Can I do my own pest control?

    Your welcome to but with careful consideration. When you hire a Licensed Pest Control Technician you will find they have been highly trained in the correct identification of pests and also how to identify the correct source of the problem before applying pesticides. Taking a holistic approach to pest control means you are not solely relying on the application of chemicals. Changing the environment that attracts pests is most important.

  • Do you offer end of lease pest control?

    Yes we do – It’s one of our specialties. We’ve been working with Sydney real estate agents, landlords and tenants since 2002. Learn more about end of lease pest control.

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Great efficient and effective service that is every time. Very comforted to know there is a service that delivers at affordable prices. A special shout out to Mitch the face of forensic pest control ,works so diligently and promptly.  Thank you Mich.

Abla Savva

Amazing job by Justin today….so professional and thorough. He left no stone unturned in the aim to find the source of our unwelcome visitors!! Within a few minutes and he had identified the source, and continued to thoroughly treat the entire surrounding areas to ensure there were no other areas of concern. We’re very pleased with the service today. A big thank you to Justin for taking the time and care in your work. Much appreciated! Also thanks Janelle….we will definitely continue to use Forensic Pest Control services in the future.

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Perfect gentlemen to deal with and Janelle (office) is very helpful. They came out twice and were always respectful and considerate. Won't need to think twice about calling again.

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What a great service this guys offer! Called in a panic as I had termites, invading my house with a child who is very allergic they were here within an hour gave me necessary advice over the phone while on the way and kept me calm! They came and resolved the problem efficiently. They have fantastic technician and wonderful caring people on the phones!

Daniel Allwood

I was looking for a solution to evict the dozen pigeons roosting under my solar panels, they were making a constant mess including building a massive nest. I came across Forensic Pest control via their website and found dealing with the team a real pleasure, the team was punctual and efficient. Right from the start dealing with Janelle kept me up to date and then to Chris and the team, they are really professional and take their business seriously. Highly recommended.

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On time. Great communication due to a rain delay and reschedule. Fast quote and friendly staff.

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Amazing pest control service

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Forensic Pest Control always do a fantastic job. We have been using them for years and wouldn't want to use anyone else.

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