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Are you tired of uninvited feathered guests wreaking havoc around your Sydney property? Do you dread the constant cleanup from bird droppings? Is your business suffering due to unsightly bird-related damage? Do you worry about the health hazards associated with bird infestations? Your worries end here!

Welcome to Forensic Pest Management Services, your ultimate solution for bird pest control in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Our expert team has the expertise you need to regain control over your space.

Imagine a serene morning on your home’s patio, sipping your coffee in peace, free from the constant cooing and clutter of birds. At your commercial establishment, picture a spotless exterior that leaves a lasting impression on your customers and guests. With the help of Forensic Pest Management Services, those are not just a dream — it’s our goal.

With almost two decades of experience, we’ve honed our expertise in bird pest control, ensuring that your property stays free from avian intruders. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians exclusively use non-toxic and environmentally friendly products, guaranteeing a safe and sustainable solution. We also treat your home or business like our own, ensuring that your health and safety remain our top priorities.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to those uninvited feathered guests, Get Your Free Pest Assessment Now! today and discover why Forensic Pest Management Services is the leading name in bird pest control in Sydney.

Most Australian birds are considered harmless creatures and mere joys of nature. However, there are some bird species such as the Feral Pigeon, Sparrow, Myna Bird and Starling that are considered as pests. You’ll want to get rid of them before you have a full-scale bird infestation.

These birds are considered as pests for a number of reasons:

  • Their bird droppings contain more than 60 pathogens and diseases such as E.Coli and Salmonella all of which pose serious health risks. Particularly concerning for food-based businesses.
  • They love to build nests near air conditioning and ventilation systems where they can damage your property as well as spread diseases.
  • They cause blocked gutters with their nesting materials and droppings causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to buildings.
  • Their droppings also stain and even corrode building surfaces, machinery and vehicles.
  • Pigeons and Myna birds often carry bird lice, which can move to humans when they’re looking for a new food source. When bird lice bite, they inject their saliva leading to severe irritation, rashes and inflammation.
  • Birds are also known to become very territorial believing your workplace is theirs. Often becoming aggressive trying to swoop and attack you when protecting their partners, nests or when they have their babies.

Do you need pigeon control at your business?

Our team of highly skilled technicians specialise in Bird Control services. We understand and are trained in bird biology and their breeding and nesting habits.

Forensic Pest Management Services have successfully implemented bird control solutions for:

NSW Government Transport Sydney Bunnings Warehouses


Our Commercial Bird Control Procedures.

  1. Send one of our specialists to attend your site to inspect your commercial property. If your business is still under construction, we can offer our recommendations straight from your architectural drawings prior to construction.
  2. Tailor a customised cost-effective Bird Management Proposal specifically for your needs.
  3. Provide you with Highly skilled Accredited and Licensed Technicians that are also licensed to Work at Heights, have Construction White Cards, Hold RIW Cards and have extensive commercial experience in Bird Control operating Knuckle booms, Cherry Pickers and Elevated work platforms.

We Make The Following Promises to Our Commercial Clients

  • Ensure that all of our products and treatment methods carried out with health and safety in mind to protect you and your environment.
  • Ensure that all of our treatment methods and bird control solutions are humane to the birds.
  • Carry out our service as discreetly as possible and with minimal disruption to you.
  • Guarantee our bird control services with written warranties.

Our Commercial Bird Control Solutions

Depending on the type of pest bird/s you are dealing with we use a variety of different deterrents and methods of eradication to effectively remove or deter pest birds from your workplace. Bird Control Sydney – Quick Links Stainless Steel Bird Spikes | Bird Netting | AVI Strand Bird Wire | Perimeter Roof / Gutter Proofing | Electric Bird Shock Track Systems | Baiting Programs | Trapping Programs | Bird Shooting Services



Stainless steel spikes prevent birds from being able to comfortably sit or roost on the surface these spikes are installed to. We use a special adhesive specifically designed for these bird spikes to install them to almost any surface such as business signage, beams, lights, pipes, ledges, security cameras, window sills and any other places that the birds may try to find a foothold.

The spikes are made from a high-grade stainless steel so they can withstand even the worst weather conditions. They come in different sizes and can be curved or cut to suit the architectural design of any building.



This bird netting is available in various sizes and is made of very thin, strong strands of polyethylene twine, making it very strong and highly resistant to ultraviolet rays. Once installed is effective for both small and large pest birds and can be installed to cover rooftops, car parks, garages, loading docks, awnings, pergolas etc to make it impossible for any pest bird to gain entry or roost on the ledges and frameworks that the netting is protecting. We can even install zippers so if access is required to lighting, fire sprinklers and other services they can all still be accessible without damaging the netting.



When you need to deter pest birds without affecting the aesthetics of the building, you need AVI Strand Bird Wire. It is virtually invisible from the ground so it will not spoil the look of the building. AVI Strand Bird Wire consists of stainless steel posts and stainless steel wire that can be used effectively to deter birds from being able to comfortably land or roost. It can be secured to most surfaces using UV stable post support bases or if needed, we also have our custom made edge saver stainless steel brackets available too.



By proofing the perimeter of the roof, pest birds and even rodents find it impossible to gain access to your building via the roof. This proofing is made from aluminium and has a powder coated finish which can be matched to suit the colour of your roof. It is very robust and will not warp or burn. This is the most compatible protection against pest birds for all roofing types. This proofing is not only good to deter birds it also helps keep your gutters clean and free from leaves and debris. When installed the mesh is attached to the edge of the gutter and across the first tile and under the second tile. We attach the mesh to the gutter of a tiled roof using a color-coded aluminium trim and for a metal roof we fasten the mesh down to the roof by using color-coded saddle clips.



One of the most effective deterrents against all bird species is the Electric Shock Bird Track System. This system is made from PVC and stainless steel and is very flexible to ensure it can be adapted to the design of any building. It is only ¼ inch high and cannot be seen from the ground looking up. Based on the principle of ‘fright and flight’ it conditions the birds to start avoiding the area in which it was frightened by the electric shock. This track is suited to be installed to higher ledges and frameworks not accessible for humans to touch.



Where there is a large population of pest bird’s onsite we highly recommend reducing the flock by installing bird traps onsite. These traps are available in different sizes to make provision for different sized birds such as the Feral Pigeon or Myna Bird. The traps are set up where the birds are inhabiting and a program is implemented to ensure the birds are captured humanely. The cages are maintained with fresh water, seed and the trapped birds are then euthanised as per our governing regulations. This method of removal is ideal when there are non-target birds also around such as Native Birds which we don’t want to remove.



A bird baiting program is ideal when other methods are not feasible or when we are culling a pigeon infestation, for example in an enclosed environment such as a factory or warehouse where other non-target native birds are not inhabiting. Initially, the birds are fed an untreated grain in a nominated area. Once their confidence is gained, they are fed a grain that has been treated with a narcotic substance. Once the bird has consumed the narcotic and has become pacified this enables the easy removal of the birds. The baiting method works very well where a specific pest bird is being targeted.



Also classified as a legal method for culling pest birds, performing a Bird shoot is the quickest, cost-effective and efficient way of getting rid of pest birds. Forensic Pest Management Services is accredited and licensed to use air rifles to remove pest birds in built-up areas like warehouses, factories, shopping centres and schools.

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  • What are the specific health risks associated with bird droppings?

    Bird droppings can pose various health risks. They may contain harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites that can cause diseases in humans. Some specific health risks include:

    • Cryptococcosis — This fungal infection is associated with pigeon droppings and can lead to severe respiratory issues and meningitis.
    • Psittacosis — This bacterial infection can be transmitted through inhaling dried bird droppings or dust contaminated with bird droppings. It may lead to flu-like symptoms and respiratory issues.
    • Histoplasmosis — This is a fungal infection that can be contracted by inhaling spores found in bird droppings. It can also cause respiratory problems and flu-like symptoms.

    Professional bird pest control is essential to reduce the risk of exposure to these health hazards. Don’t wait for the situation to worsen. Take action now and safeguard your health and safety — contact Forensic Pest Management Services today to schedule a bird pest control consultation!

  • Are these bird control services suitable for both residential and commercial properties?

    Yes, our bird control services are suitable for residential and commercial properties in Australia. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to protect your residence or a business owner dealing with bird-related issues at your commercial establishment, we have tailored solutions for your needs.

  • Are the bird control methods mentioned safe for the environment and other non-target species?

    Absolutely, we prioritise using environmentally friendly and humane bird control methods. Our methods are designed to deter birds from your property without causing harm to the birds themselves or other non-target species. We use techniques such as bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire and bird-friendly deterrents to ensure the safety of the environment and wildlife.

  • How do I request an inspection or consultation for bird control on my property?

    To request an inspection or consultation for bird pest control with us, simply get in touch with our friendly team via 1300 360 457. We’ll schedule a convenient time to visit your property, assess the bird infestation and provide a tailored solution and cost estimate.

  • Do you offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure the effectiveness of bird control measures?

    Yes! Ensuring the continued effectiveness of bird control measures is a vital aspect of our services. Birds can be persistent, and without ongoing maintenance, they may find new ways to return to your property. We’ll work with you to establish a maintenance schedule that suits your property’s needs, providing peace of mind and a bird-free environment.

    Here’s why our ongoing maintenance services are essential:

    • Preventing Reinfestations — Birds are resourceful creatures. Even after initial control measures, they may attempt to return. Our regular maintenance ensures that any potential entry points or attractions for birds are identified and addressed promptly, preventing reinfestations.
    • Protecting Your Investment — You’ve invested in bird pest control to secure your property and health. Ongoing maintenance safeguards that investment, ensuring your initial efforts are not in vain. It’s a cost-effective way to maintain a bird-free environment.
    • Tailored Solutions — Every property is unique, and bird control needs may change over time. Our maintenance services are tailored to your specific requirements. We adapt our strategies as necessary to address any evolving bird-related challenges on your property.
    • Peace of Mind — With our scheduled maintenance in place, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property will remain bird-free. You won’t have to worry about bird-related damage, health risks or the inconvenience of bird presence.
    • Compliance — Local regulations may sometimes require ongoing bird control efforts, especially for commercial properties. Our maintenance services help you comply with these regulations, avoiding potential fines or legal issues.
    • Expertise — Our team of experienced technicians is well-versed in the behaviour and habits of Australian birds. This expertise allows us to proactively address and stay one step ahead of potential bird infestations.

    When you choose Forensic Pest Management Services for bird control, you’re investing in long-term protection and peace of mind. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your specific bird pest control needs and get started on creating a bird-free zone today.

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